Windows 365 updates

  • Windows 365 Boot will allow specialized devices to go from powering on, to logging in directly to your Cloud PC.
  • Windows 365 Switch will enable fast desktop switching via the Task View in Windows 11 to move to your Cloud PC and from there back to your local desktop.
  • Windows 365 app will be included in a future Windows 11 release and available for Windows 10, which allows you to access your Cloud PCs, manage and troubleshoot them.
  • Windows 365 Offline in the future will allow your Cloud PC to sync locally on your device and you’ll be able to work without an internet connection; then once you reconnect any changes made will synchronize to your Cloud PC.
  • Azure Active Directory Join support for Windows 365 Enterprise is currently in preview and will be generally available in May.
  • Updates to the Windows 365 Business portal and simplified management experiences for small businesses, and
  • New Microsoft 365 Lighthouse portal integration for partners who manage multiple customer tenants.


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