Windows 365 admin setup and management tutorial for Cloud PCs

Get your Cloud PCs up and running with Windows 365. Explore the prerequisites, what the imaging and provisioning process looks like, as well as ongoing management. Christiaan Brinkhoff, Principal Program Manager for Windows 365, joins Jeremy Chapman to walk you through the administrator setup in Azure and Microsoft Endpoint Manager, as well as the user experience in the browser and the additional functionality you get when you access your Cloud PC with Remote Desktop apps.

Windows 365 setup


00:50 — Setup experience

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Video Transcript:

- Coming up on Microsoft Mechanics, we continue our series on Windows 365 to take a closer look at your options for getting everything up and running. We’re going to explore the prerequisites and what the imaging and provisioning process looks like as well as ongoing management. So, today I’m joined by engineering lead, Christiaan Brinkhoff, welcome to the show.