Protect data in use with Azure Confidential Computing and Intel SGX

Protect in-use data.

Cold boot attack by a rogue administrator? Yeah, we thought of that, too.

Pool information without compromised security or privacy.

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00:00 — Introduction

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Detailed information on Azure confidential computing at

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Video Transcript:

- Up next, we take an exclusive look at Microsoft’s work with Intel to protect your most sensitive information in the cloud. We’ll unpack the latest silicon-level Zero Trust protections and how they help mitigate against privileged access attacks with hardware enforced protection of your most sensitive data with Intel Software Guard Extensions, plus additional defense in depth silicon-level protections against data exfiltration for memory. And beyond security, we’ll also demonstrate confidential computing scenarios that are now possible, such as machine learning analytics on multi-party data and more. And joining us to walk through all of this is data center security expert, Mike Ferron-Jones from Intel. Welcome to Microsoft Mechanics.



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