Predictive AI and Marketing Automation in Dynamics 365

Get an in-depth look at how you can find and keep your customers with Customer Insights in Dynamics 365. Explore the predictive AI and automation that can identify the customers you are most at risk of losing, as well as develop and track the marketing that will earn them back. Thiale Diop, Product Manager for Dynamics 365, joins Jeremy Chapman to walk you through the configuration and setup.

Campaign Data Assessment


02:08 — Requirements to Get Started

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Video Transcript:

- Up next, I’m joined by Thiale Diop to go through the simple configuration and setup of the latest AI-driven and integrated tech across Customer Insights, that uses predictive AI to help you identify the customers that you may be at risk of losing, and automation of Dynamics 365 marketing to build targeted offers and personalized experiences to keep your customers coming back. So Thiale, thanks for joining us today.