Manage Objectives and Key Results with Transparency | Microsoft Viva Goals

Address organizational pressures.

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“This meeting could have been an email,” said no one on my team ever again.

Watch our video here.

Video Transcript:

- Up next, we’ll take a closer look at Microsoft Viva Goals, a brand new goal-setting and management solution that helps you drive clarity around your objectives and key results and makes it seamless for teams to track progress against them as they work. Now, if you’re a team leader, we’ll show you the intuitive goal-setting experience, along with Microsoft 365 integration, for your team members to record their contribution to goals, and for admins, we’ll share the quick steps to set it up. And to walk us through all this, I’m joined by Vetri Vellore, who leads our Viva Goals team at Microsoft. Welcome to the show.



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