Inside Surface Duo 2 | Microsoft’s two screen mobile device for multitasking & hybrid work

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Microsoft Mechanics and our inside look at Surface Duo 2, our powerful and portable dual-screen companion device for hybrid work that lets you get more done and stay productive, including shared experiences as you work across your Windows PC. The Surface Duo 2 is the latest class-defining foldable mobile device, and it’s been completely re-engineered from the original Surface Duo, with a comprehensive design that includes leading mobile productivity with Office 365, best-in-class immersive displays, ultra-fast 5G connectivity, as well as uncompromised camera experiences complemented by powerful, intuitive software. Now even with these refinements, Surface Duo 2 is one of the thinnest foldable devices ever created, at just 5.5 mm thick when unfolded. Surface Duo 2’s dual 5.8-inch PixelSense Fusion displays, together with optimizations to the software experience for your favorite Android apps, opens up new possibilities for multitasking. Surface Duo 2 is built with deep integration into the Windows experience, and the Phone Link app lets you keep in sync with everything happening on your Surface Duo, and it lets you launch your favorite Android apps as individual windows, right from your PC. Empowering all this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor with 8 GB of RAM, and storage options for up to 512 GB. And its larger battery is designed to provide all-day battery life with up to 28 hours of talk time and 15.5 hours of local video playback. It also supports fast charging using the optional 23-watt USB-C power supply. Surface Duo 2 now comes with a choice of two classic colors, glacier or obsidian, each enclosed in 3D Gorilla Victus glass for extra durability. And you can pair it with an optional choice of accessories from the Surface Duo 2 Pen Cover, Surface Slim Pen 2, and our high-end Surface audio peripherals. The experience on Surface Duo 2 starts with the all new one-touch power-on button with integrated fingerprint reader for secure biometric login. It also offers the full set of Google Play services that run alongside your favorite Microsoft apps pre-installed. As you interact with Surface Duo, the ability to work across dual screens with your apps comes with a number of benefits. In measuring changes in the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex of the brain, when compared with the impact of single-screen, folding screen and dual-screen devices where higher mental workload is indicated by red, we found that Surface Duo 2’s dual screen requires the least mental effort while multitasking. And to make things even more efficient, you can pair two apps together using app groups, so with one tap, both apps open simultaneously on each screen, allowing you to effortlessly multitask between them. Apps can also take advantage of both screens at the same time, spanning the combined 8.3 inches of diagonal space. For example, in an online meeting with the Microsoft Teams app, you can see shared content, like a presentation, on one screen, and camera feeds from everyone else on the other. And the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard can be opened on one screen for one-handed typing, or span both screens to allow for comfortable two-handed typing in compose mode. And the experience gets even better with the optional Surface Slim Pen 2, where you can take advantage of the natural inking experience. In fact, the full-friction hinge mechanism is so precise and balanced that you can leave your Surface Duo 2 in any angle that you want, making it a device that truly adapts to the way you want to use it. And new to Surface Duo 2 is the glance bar. With it, you can see the time, and the color-coded badges let you see at a glance the calls, messages, and Teams messages that you’ve received as well as incoming calls and incoming messages, all without opening the Surface Duo. The camera experience in Surface Duo not only sets it apart from the original, but also sets it apart from other mobile devices. There are three custom-built camera lenses in back capable of shooting up to 16 MP photos and 4K video. It has separate sensors with lenses for ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto shots. And for inspiring audio, Surface Duo 2’s full range internal stereo speakers are diagonally opposite each other, and left and right channels automatically adjust as you shift between device modes. For IT, Surface Duo 2, along with Microsoft Endpoint Manager offers some of the most flexible device management options. Surface Duo 2 comes with Microsoft Authenticator pre-installed for easy multifactor authentication when paired with the onboard fingerprint reader. With comprehensive device management controls in Endpoint Manager, Duo 2 can be configured as a corporate or personally-owned device. Additionally, you can set up separate work profiles consisting of trusted and work-approved apps, whether Surface Duo 2 is personally-owned or a corporate-owned device. And with device firmware controls for Surface Duo 2 in Endpoint Manager, like with the rest of the Surface lineup, you can centrally enable or disable hardware features on the device. We hope you enjoyed our tour of the Surface Duo 2, our two-screen mobile device that brings limitless possibilities for the way you want to work. Check out for availability and more. And thanks for watching.



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