Enterprise Grade Protection for Small & Medium Businesses | Microsoft Defender for Business

  • Auto detect and remediate majority of threats
  • Monitor threats in real-time


01:59 — How is Defender different?

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Try out Microsoft Defender for Business at https://aka.ms/DefenderforBusiness

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Video Transcript:

- Up next, we’ll look at the newly announced Microsoft Defender for Business, for businesses of up to 300 people. We’re going to show you how it helps you proactively protect your devices, informs you about trending threats, and automatically responds to security incidents for you. Then, we’ll show you the quick steps that anyone can take to set it up. And if you’re a partner, we’ll show you how you can get a unified dashboard for managing multiple customers in one view. So we’re joined today by none other than security CVP, Rob Lefferts, welcome back to the show.



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