Simplify regulatory compliance with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Managing compliance is difficult — make it easier and reduce the time spent.

Replace muddled compliance interpretation with precise guidance.


Replace the spreadsheet.

Watch our video here.


00:58 Why you want to use Compliance Manager

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Video Transcript:

- Coming up, if you want to reduce the time it takes to get and stay compliant with regulations impacting your organization, we take a closer look at Compliance Manager and Microsoft Purview, which helps you by breaking down the compliance criteria for over 350 regulations and standards globally so you don’t have to interpret them, giving you precise guidance on the capabilities that you can turn on in Microsoft and other cloud services to meet specific requirements, and digitizing the workflow for collaborating with others in your organization, so that you can assign and document actions, including any manual processes as well. All of which make it easier to prepare for auditors and more. And to walk us through all this I’m joined by Daniel Hidalgo from the Microsoft Purview team. Welcome back to Mechanics.



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