Build, Scale & Operate Kubernetes Workloads in Azure | 2022 Updates

Create clusters with pre-built Smart Defaults.

Build a basic app faster than a starter app.

Check out the newly updated Azure Disk CSI driver

Watch our video here.

Video Transcript:

- Coming up, whether you’re experienced or new to cloud native apps, we’ll take a closer look at recent updates for Azure Kubernetes Service to improve and streamline the developer experience. With our new open source Draft bootstrapping tool to containerize and prepare your apps for deployment along with a new managed Kubernetes event-driven auto-scaler, KEDA. And for operators, we’ll share how you can now run Kubernetes on ARM-based VMs. And Windows Server 2022 node pools, as well as optimizations in Azure to speed up performance. And to walk us through all the updates, I’m joined by Jorge Palma from the Kubernetes team in Azure. Welcome to Mechanics.



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