Build developer environments fast with Microsoft Dev Box

Get to code faster.

The new self-service experience makes it quick and easy to create dev environments as and when needed. Watch how fast a new employee can get up and running.

How to get it up and running

Microsoft’s developer-first approach to configuring and assigning dev boxes provides the right tools to keep projects moving forward. See what it takes for a dev manager to get everything up and running.

Eliminate security fears and the learning curve.

Dev box service leverages the familiar Windows 365 experience with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. See the Security & Management of Dev Box.


00:00 Introduction

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Video Transcript:

- Coming up, we take a first look at the new Microsoft Dev Box service that leverages Windows 365 infrastructure to stream secure, ready-to-code developer workstations on demand. If you’re a developer, we’ll show you the self-service experience where quickly creating your dev environments as and when you need them. Next, if you manage developer teams, we’re going to show you how you can efficiently configure and assign Dev Boxes that include the right tools for the job. And for IT, we’ll share the familiar PC management experience with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and more. And to walk us through, I’m joined today by Head of Product for Microsoft’s developer division. Amanda Silver, welcome to Mechanics.



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