Power Apps Studio Updates

Simplify your app authoring experience with the latest updates in Power Apps. The new modern app designer makes model-driven apps far more accessible and easier to build. Customize pages, then generate Power Fx formulas that write themselves when you specify what you want using natural language. Emma Cooper, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Power Apps, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how these updates make it easier to build apps and bring in advanced functionality with very low code.

Build your own model-driven apps:

  • Fully working app, no formulas or code building
  • Generate data already stored in Dataverse
  • Preview, then publish

Azure Migrate and Azure Arc

Take a look at options for migrating your apps to a hybrid cloud and on-premises state with Azure Migrate and Azure Arc. Matt McSpirit, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Azure, joins host Jeremy Chapman to show how your resources in the Cloud can work seamlessly with resources on premises under a single management plane.

Hybrid migration is a reality for most organizations, especially when some workloads must be kept on premises. The good news is with Azure Migrate, we help you migrate and assess your on-prem environment and can place those resources under management. …

What it is, how it works, and how to set it up

Windows 365 is your PC in the cloud. Securely stream your personalized Windows experience, including your desktop, apps, settings, and content, at any time to any device. For IT, see how easy it is, as a fully-managed service, to assign and configure Cloud PCs using familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Given the need to work remotely and securely, there has been a huge demand for cloud based solutions in the past year. Windows 365 modernizes the way Windows experiences are delivered for anyone on any device. It’s a premium experience for both end users and IT. It’s easy to…

Episode 4

Apply Zero Trust principles and policies to your network and infrastructure with this essentials episode. It’s a high-level overview of the principles of the Zero Trust security model, spanning identity, endpoints, applications, networks, infrastructure, and data.

Your network and its underlying configuration provides secure access to your resources. Infrastructure, whether on premises servers, local or cloud hosted VMs, containers, storage, or PaaS databases, all represent a critical threat vector.

Using web streaming & PowerPoint Live

Need to present a video to a group of people online, but when you play it on your computer and share your desktop, it’s laggy and dropping frames for others in a Microsoft Teams meeting, or maybe it’s missing the audio track?

In this remote and hybrid working tip, Jeremy Chapman from the Microsoft 365 team at Microsoft will show you a simple trick that will avoid those issues using web streaming along with PowerPoint Live as part of a Microsoft Teams presentation, so everyone can watch your video without lag or missing audio.

He’ll also explain what’s causing the…

This video series shows how you can adopt a Zero Trust approach for security and benefit from the core ways in which Microsoft can help. In the past, your defenses may have been focused on protecting network access with on-premises firewalls and VPNs, assuming everything inside the network was safe. But as corporate data footprints have expanded to sit outside your corporate network, to live in the Cloud or a hybrid across both, the Zero Trust security model has evolved to address a more holistic set of attack vectors.

Based on the principles of “verify explicitly”, “apply least privileged access”…

This series of videos shows team leaders and admin the underlying tech and options for enabling and configuring the four core modules of Microsoft Viva. Viva is the new employee experience platform that connects learning, insights, resources, and communication. It has a unique set of curated and AI-enriched experiences built on top of and integrated with the foundational services of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva’s 4 core modules:

  • Viva Topics — builds a knowledge system for your organization
  • Viva Connections — boosts employee engagement
  • Viva Learning — creates a central hub to discover learning content and build new skills
  • Viva Insights —…

Look at Azure as a platform for running your Linux virtual machine and open source database workloads. Check out options for how you can lift and shift existing VMs and databases to Azure and modernize them using cloud native approaches. Matt McSpirit, from the Azure engineering team, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how Azure supports open source platforms across operating systems, with different Linux distros as well as their publishers and open source databases.

Azure has been working with Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical, Flat Car, Elastic and HashiCorp, and open source databases like MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, MariaDB for years. More…

Improve productivity and wellbeing | Demo and tutorial, including set-up

See how Microsoft Viva Insights delivers data-driven privacy, protected insights, and recommended actions to help individuals and teams improve productivity and wellbeing. Engineering leader, Kamal Janardhan, joins Jeremy Chapman for a deep dive and a view of your options for configuration.

If you’re new to Microsoft Viva, it comprises four modules that deliver new employee experiences across knowledge, communications, learning, and insights, all in the context of your work. These leverage the foundational technologies of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph and AI to deliver a modern employee experience platform.

With hybrid work at home and in the office as the new…

Modern Headsets, Speaker, Webcam & Surface Headphones 2+

Take a look at the latest Microsoft hardware innovations in support of remote and hybrid work at home and in the office. Engineering leader, Branden Powell, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how the new Microsoft and Surface accessories deliver the best experience on Microsoft Teams.

All our accessories are made with premium materials, so they look great and are built to last. They’re compact and lightweight to optimize your space, no matter where you’re working from. We’ve prioritized all-day comfort and mobility, and everything is certified for use with Microsoft Teams to give you a great online meeting experience. …

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