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Set up Microsoft Teams Essentials, our new most affordable option. Get the best of Teams with easy instant meetings for anyone — whether they have Teams or not. The Microsoft Teams Essentials experience starts at just $4 per user per month with no meeting time limits.

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets lets you create and manage a group of virtual machines to run your app or workload and provides sophisticated load-balancing, management, and automation. This is a critical service for creating and dynamically managing thousands of VMs in your environment. If you are new to the…

Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Reduce the operational costs of stateless workloads by using Azure Spot Virtual Machines. When compute capacity in Azure frees up, and depending on where you need it, Azure will provision your VM workload on unused compute capacity. Spot VMs are then evicted when Azure needs capacity back or when the…

A first look at SQL Server 2022 — the latest Azure-enabled database and data integration innovations. See what it means for your hybrid workloads, including first-time bi-directional high availability and disaster recovery between Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server, Azure Synapse Link integration with SQL for ETL free near…

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