How to build a fast, scalable data system on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Hyperscale’s flexible architecture scales with the pace of your business to process large amounts of data with a small amount of compute in just minutes, and allows you to back up data almost instantaneously.

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Zach Fransen, VP of data and AI at Xplor, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how credit card processing firm, Clearent by Xplor, built a fast, scalable merchant transaction reporting system on Azure SQL Database Hyperscale. Take a deep dive on their Hyperscale implementation, from their approach with micro-batching to continuously bring in billions…


Modernize your existing data at scale, and solve for operational efficiency with Azure SQL Managed Instance. Azure SQL MI is an intelligent, scalable, cloud database service and fully managed SQL server.

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Nipun Sharma, lead data architect, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how the Australian subsidiary of large equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, built a scalable and proactive sales and inventory management and customer servicing model on top of Azure SQL Managed Instance to consolidate their legacy data estate on-premises. See what they did to expand their operational visibility and time to insights, including self-service reporting through integration with Power BI.



Microsoft Dataverse

Take a closer look at Microsoft Dataverse, a managed service that securely shapes, stores, and manages any data across your business apps, from ERP systems to user generated Power Apps. Dataverse empowers citizen developers to quickly develop apps at scale, and pro developers to easily create apps that interoperate across multiple systems. Marc Mercuri, engineering lead, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how Dataverse is a great data backend for any app and any developer — without the need to architect, implement or manage it.

Dataverse for Microsoft Teams:

Provides the data layer behind the Power Apps integration with Teams. As…

Need to share a video with AUDIO during a Microsoft Teams meeting? What used to only be possible in Windows, is now also possible in MacOS!

Share video with audio on a MacOS

In this work from home tip, Jeremy Chapman, from the Microsoft 365 team, will show you how to “Include Computer Sound” while sharing your desktop or app windows using a Mac or PC. At the time of release, this is a Public Preview feature in Microsoft Teams for MacOS, so we’ll also show how to get that enabled if you don’t see the options demonstrated.


00:34 — Demo in Teams to Include Computer…

Azure Percept

Azure Percept is a new zero-to-low-code platform that includes sensory hardware accelerators, AI models, and templates to help you build and deploy secured, intelligent AI workloads and solutions to edge IoT devices. Host Jeremy Chapman joins George Moore, Azure Edge Lead Engineer, for an introduction on how to build intelligent solutions on the Edge quickly and easily.

Azure Percept Vision: Optically perceive an event in the real world. Sensory data from cameras perform a broad array of everyday tasks.

Azure Percept Audio: Enable custom wake words and commands, and get a response using real time analytics.

Templates and pre-built AI…

Details, Review, Tech & Design Specs

Get an insider’s look at the latest Surface Laptop 4. While Surface Laptop’s familiar signature sleek form factor has been retained, under the covers you’ll find major optimizations to bring the overall performance, battery life and device experience to the next level.

Surface Laptop 4

Taking a tour of the internals, both Intel™ and AMD processors are now available on 13.5" and 15" models. Models with AMD chipsets are now equipped with 7 nanometer multi-threaded Ryzen™ 5 & Ryzen™ 7 Microsoft Surface Edition processors. …

Explore your options to select the right VMs for your workloads. On this episode of Azure Essentials, Matt McSpirit shares core compute and disk storage options for any workload you want to run in Azure.

VMs for your workload

If you’re new to Azure, shifting your apps or workloads onto a virtual machine or multiple VMs in Azure can be achieved without rearchitecting them or writing new code. You can even deploy your workloads to Azure Dedicated Hosts that provide single tenant physical servers dedicated to your organization. Azure literally becomes the equivalent of running your physical data center in the cloud.

The primary…

Do you wish you could take better notes during meetings or classes held on Microsoft Teams? Jeremy Chapman, from the Microsoft 365 team, demonstrates a new way to automate the process.

Automate note-taking in Teams

Now in Microsoft Teams, keeping detailed notes for your meetings just got easier, with in-context and automated meeting transcripts using the brand-new and AI-driven speech-to-text transcription capability built into Teams.

Once started, you can watch meeting transcription happen in real time. When the meeting is over, the transcript with speaker attribution is available to all meeting participants directly in the meeting’s chat. …

If you’ve ever wondered how news anchors or public speakers can stay on point and present their topics in a crisp and concise way, within a limited timeframe, chances are they are using a teleprompter.

In today’s work-from-home tip, Jeremy Chapman, from the Microsoft 365 team, will show you how you can use Microsoft Word to easily convert any document into something that works perfectly as a teleprompter. Then we’ll show you how to use Microsoft Teams as a way to project this teleprompter screen to a remote presenter or a second device like a phone screen.

Jeremy’s camera and…

Intelligent chatbots, IVA, and IoT

Set up a proactive and always-on service organization with Dynamics 365, from self–service automated actions using intelligent and conversational chatbots and IoT, to high touch customer agent and frontline technician support. Expert Deanna Sparks joins host Jeremy Chapman to share how to combine automation, intelligence and live personnel engagement to take customer support to the next level.

Build a better customer support experience:

  • Provide intelligent, proactive and automated self-service
  • Issue resolution through conversational IVA
  • IVA supports intelligent routing using AI models to escalate customer service requests to field technicians
  • Connect to experienced front-line workers through Remote Assist


01:56 —…

Mechanics Team

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